Ivor Herbert

British author and scriptwriter. Has written a number of horsy books, mainly non-fiction books about the world of horse racing, including biographies of Red Rum and Arkle and top trainer Vincent O'Brien. He was also a successful racehorse trainer himself, having won the Gold Cup in 1957.

He has written two adult horse stories set in the world of racing which he knows so well. 

Horse & Pony Books (Adult Fiction):

aka LONGACRE (Revised edition)
Reprinted in hardback.
American edition published in hardback by Follett in 1967.
Revised and republished under the title of LONGACRE by Worlds Work in 1978
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st edition, USA edition, revised & re-titled edition.
SUMMARY: Susan and Tom try to make their steeplechase training venture a success.

Reprinted in paperback by Corgi
EDITION PICTURED: Corgi paperback edition.
SUMMARY: Mark and his father are down on their luck, living in a crumbling old house and hoping they can make their fortunes with the promising racehorse they are training. But then a beautiful model appears on the scene and Mark's world is turned upside down.

Collector's info:
Point-to-Point/Longacre is easy to find both in the UK and the USA under both titles. The Filly is quite easy to find in the UK, but a little harder in the USA.